About Atar

When I was young I had a deep spiritual experience with the phrase: "Remember who you are"
For a moment I remembered and thought I understood.
I did not realize then that there was so much more depth in this one sentence, than I could imagine at that time.
As time went on I remembered more and often "fall" into states of consciousness like Onenes, Big Emptiness and finally the Nothing, which deeply fascinates me.

Who am I?: I AM... and I love being me.

I love to go beyond any form, any concept and to experience Source in others and myself.
Source, to me, is an on-going process which is expressing itself IN itself and one part of that is you.
Another part of that is me. And yes; we are One and at the same time we are both Unique.

I often reside in a place where there is no longer any structure.
I love nature; walk a lot in the woods with my tiny dog. The inner silence, the smell, the trees, the wind,
the sounds in the woods; these things make me feel happy and breathe deeply.
To have dinner with my loved ones makes me feel warm inside; smiling, enjoying and being together.
To put a spelt cookie with almost no sugar in my mouth and add a piece of chocolate bar is a joy :)
And I like to paint with my fingers directly in the paint, no brush.
Yes I am human :)